Eleos API Integration FAQ

To enable scanning confirm you have defined an `action` type as `scan-flow` and the `metadata_form_code` 
is set appropriately for the form you wish to employ.

For instance:
'actions': [{
              'type': 'scan-flow',
              'label': 'Scan Documents',
              'button_color': '87cefa',
              'icon_ref': 'scan_trip',
              'properties': {
                             'metadata_form_code': 'DOCUMENT-METADATA',
                             'scan_type': 'form-specified'

where 'DOCUMENT-METADATA' is the value of the form `code` you are applying to this flow.

Note, this example assumes the `DOCUMENT-METADATA` form has been defined for your integration. 
If you are not sure if one has been populated for your integration, consult with your Eleos Integration 
point of contact.